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The Pregnancy experience and Pregnancy Musthaves

Day 1 of your Pregnancy is very exiting. You know now that your pregnant and you’re going to prepare yourself for having a child. Most of the time you imagine what your kid looks like and what he or she will need when you gave birth. People will trow a lot of things at you and tell you, you need this and you need that.

A lot of times it makes it even harder to decide what you need, especially when it is your first pregnancy. Pregnancy is for one easy but another one heavy it variates per person. In the de beginning of your pregnancy, most of us woman will feel very tired. So the rest is very important. Also, in the end, de tiredness will come back, because your belly is very big at this point and it will give you most of the time sleepless nights.

To make those night bearable a pregnancy pillow is one of the biggest must-haves.

It holds your belly a bit and you can put your legs over the pillow. It helps you to sleep better. But not only that when your child is born you can use it also to breastfeed. The pillow is very soft and gentle so you can use it also to put your baby on it. Your baby will feel like you hold him or her while your not what makes the baby sleep better.